Job Requirements and Benefits

Here are the basic job requirements and benefits for these listed positions. Note above that some positions do require a Class A CDL license.

Minimum Requirements


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Truck Driver

Truck drivers will be responsible for the safe operation of trucks that transport goods. This may include inspecting and maintaining vehicles. Truck drivers will be required to adhere to all company policies and procedures to ensure safety at all times.
Must have a current Class A CDL.

Gin Truck Driver

Gin truck drivers will be responsible for operating vehicles that have gin poles mounted on them. These can be used for a variety of purposes and in many contexts and will always require expert drivers for optimal safety and effectiveness. Gin truck drivers will be required to follow all established policies and procedures to keep themselves and other people safe at all times.
Must have a current Class A CDL.

Tandem Truck Driver

Double axle tandem trucks require qualified, Class A CDL drivers. Drivers in this position must be capable of making safety-conscious decisions and following directions. Tandem truck drivers will operate these large vehicles according to company policies and procedures and may be required to inspect and maintain equipment.
Must have a current Class A CDL.

Forklift Operator

Forklift operators must be certified and able to drive forklifts for scheduled shifts, maneuvering in an expert way to ensure safety of materials and personnel. Forklift operators should be capable of assessing and inspecting forklifts to ensure safe operation and vehicle integrity and may be asked to coordinate with other drivers or in the use of additional equipment to complete tasks.
Must have a current Class A CDL.

Crane Operator

Crane operators must have a crane certification and be able to control lifting machinery using internal mechanisms and devices. Operators must be fluent in relevant software and able to interpret dashboards on the crane. It is important that the individual in this role can operate a crane safely for the duration of their scheduled shift.


Swampers play a key role in projects and are responsible for pre-trip responsibilities that include filling vehicles tanks with fuel, performing light maintenance and cleaning on vehicles, unloading/loading trucks with required materials and other tasks as directed.


Rigging is vital to the operation of heavy equipment and machinery. The rigger’s job is to set up and repair rigging on-site. It is important that the person in this position is capable of assessing and inspecting rigging and troubleshooting quick resolution of any observed issues.
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