All the Equipment and Experience Your Job Requires
For all your rig move needs, Brady Trucking and Crane Services has more than enough equipment and experience to handle any job. Our transport fleet includes heavy haul trucks and trailers, cranes, forklifts, and winch trucks. So we can handle your rig move from beginning to end. Our experienced staff receives ongoing equipment training and DOT testing above required regulation. The strict training and testing program allows us to work for all major oil and gas companies.
rig moving in action
Trust Our Experienced Team to Transport Your Equipment Efficiently and Safely
Oil and gas rigs are a hefty investment for your company. Not to mention moving them from one site to the next can get to be a complex task. Our dedicated team of pushers, drivers, and equipment operators at Brady Trucking and Crane Services are safety certified and can handle any size rig move, from initial planning to delivery to the next drill site. We deliver timely results, ensuring your rig makes it to its next destination.
Our Rig Moving Services Include
Logistical planning and execution
Moving all oil rig pieces from one site to the next
Building the pad with our dozers
Extensive transport fleet
Labor for you jobs needed
Benefits of Our Rig Moving Services
50+ years of rig moving experience
Dedicated team of pushers, drivers, equipment operators, and riggers
Safety is our top priority
Expert project planning
Efficient execution minimizes downtime
What Puts Us Above the Competition?
It’s Our Top Priority
All Throughout The U.S.
More Than 60 Years
Transport Of All Loads
Safety – Certified Equipment Operators
Need help moving your rig to the next drill site?
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